$ 1,595.00

Porsche's outfitted with the G50 transmission are some of the most sought after 911's and their values continue to climb.  The G50 also remains a very popular transaxle to use in mid engined custom cars and has been for some decades now.  This keeps second hand gearboxes in high demand and at a premium price.  You've spend countless hours and thousands on the motor, suspension, brakes and so on.  Do not forget about your transmission!

Known issues:

  • Burnt up 5th and or 6th gears
  • Broken 1st/2nd fork
  • Broken 3rd/4th fork
  • Broken 3rd/4th shift rail
  • Spun bearings
  • Dead ring and pinion
  • TOB boss failure
  • Broken side cover
  • Bad 1st and 2nd gear dogs
  • Bad spyder gears
  • Bearing failure

Our rebuilding services start at $1595 labor plus parts less shipping.

G50/00, G50/01, G50/50, G50/03, G50/04, G50/05, G50/20, G50/21, G50/31, G50/32, G50/33, G64/51, G64/52