Our rebuilds are regarded as being some of the cleanest in the industry and it didn't happen overnight - Bobby and Shaun have been doing it for over 30 years.  Each gearbox is broken down, washed and every component inspected for wear and damage.  We then estimate for parts and or additional labor and upon your approval to do so we move forward.  Every effort is made to make your gearbox as new looking as possible.  We use factory tools for final drive and and differential setups - we don't just check the pattern - and upon reassembly we bench test every transaxle and for excessive noise.  We will put a lot of love into your gearbox and it will show.

We are very selective about the parts we use and do not cut corners for your sake and ours.  We use only Genuine Porsche, OEM and high quality aftermarket - no drops, no seconds, no Chinese made products and no junk.  Do we stand behind our gearboxes?  Yes we certainly do.

We rebuild all Porsche manual transaxles from 356 to 997 including Boxster, Cayman and Cup.  If you do not see your model of manual gearbox on our list rest assured we can work on it or offer replacement parts for it.  We do not service tiptronic transaxles however.

Transmissions must be shipped without oil.

Some builds require a 50% deposit.


All gearboxes are shipped without oil – add oil before using or storing long term. Your transaxle is splash lubricated, meaning the wheels have to be turning in order for the box to lubricate sufficiently, especially the input shaft assembly. Be mindful of this when using for the first time as there is only assembly lube on the shafts, gears, bearings etc. In other words DO NOT just fill the box with gear lube and let the car idle! Make sure to get lube to all areas by driving the car or running on jack stands or any other means necessary. We are not responsible for damage due to a lack of lubrication.