Q.  Can you remove and reinstall my transmission?

A.  No, but we may be able to recommend someone who can remove it, drain of oil and prepare it for shipping to us.


Q.  How do I ship a transmission?

A.  After it's drained of oil, strap it securely to a sturdy pallet covered with cardboard, or crate it in a manner in which a forklift can move it around.  The better secured the safer it will be in transport.  We can send you a completed bill of lading and address label for pickup on our Fed Ex account.  Make sure the address label is secure to prevent loss.  Pickup from a commercial location with fork/dock or dropping off at the local terminal is the least expensive.  Residential pickup with lift gate service almost doubles the price.  We'll bill you for the shipping once your transmission is received.


Q.  What's with your business name if your are located in Arizona?

A.  The business was based near the Riverside CA area up until about 2004 - we just never changed the name after moving.


Q.  Do you work on Tiptronics or Automatics?

A.  No, manuals and sportomatics only.


Q.  Does Bobby Hart still work there?

A.  Bobby oversees the machine shop while Shaun runs the repair shop.  Both are under the same roof.


Q.  What is the torque spec for the G50, 993, 996 or GT3 ring gear bolts to differential housing?

A.  200NM with red loctite.


Q.  What payment methods do you accept?

  • Phone orders via Visa, Master Card - domestic (+3.94%)
  • Wire/Bank transfer (+$45 for international or +$20 for domestic)
  • Direct deposit to our Wells Fargo account - domestic only (no fees)
  • PayPal (plus their fees - 4%)
  • Check by phone from your personal or business checking or savings account (no fees)


Q.  How do you ship?

A.  We use Fed Ex for both small packages and freight.


Q.  Is it cheaper if I take apart my transmission before I send it to you?

A.  No