$ 250.00

It’s not uncommon for your 915 differential case to have spun bearing races and misaligned bores. This issue was most predominant in the 78-83 bell housings however earlier ones are susceptible to this as well.

For 1984 and earlier 915's, due to the lack of material between the bores we steel sleeve both bores even in the event only one needs repair.  We use a thicker sleeve for the input shaft bearing requiring the use bearing part number 930.302.391.01.  1985-86 model 915's already use this bearing and have more material between the bores to begin with.

Price is per bore.

Check the deck across the bores for straightness prior to shipping us your bell housing(s).  Anything more than .007" cannot be repaired.  Turnaround is typically one week.

No need to remove the studs but we need the cylindrical roller bearings that will be used for reassembly in order for us to make the repair.