$ 1,650.00

This patent pending design moves the main shift shaft to the side of the transaxle case allowing for a neat and tidy way of attaching shift cables. Perfect for most mid-engine installations (GT40 for example) especially where space is limited behind the transmission.

Shift cables can be attached or retrofitted to a variety of shifters including the CMS billet cable shifter.

"We install" - what's included once your gearbox is received:

  • Partial tear down inspection and cleaning of parts
  • Machining of your gear housing and fitting of our side shifter housing w/shift shaft and lever
  • Modification of the shift shaft, re-setup of shift rails, original shift shaft hole in front housing is blocked off
  • New shift shaft seals, shoulder nuts and sealant
  • Our steel cable brackets installed and test shifted
  • Repacking for return shipping

Note:  Shifter and cables are not included

Fits all G50 5 and 6 speeds

G50/00, G50/01, G50/50, G50/03, G50/04, G50/05, G50/20, G50/21, G50/31, G50/32, G50/33, G64/51, G64/52