$ 1,595.00

The most commonly reported problem in the 930 transmission is 1st/2nd gear - and reverse.  However if your gearbox has never seen major service it's likely going to take more than a set of synchros and a gasket kit to freshen up.  Often times there are problems lurking that you may not be aware of.  With as old as these transaxles are the amount of repair work and parts one must put into them continues to grow.

Other common problems include:

  • Bent shift shaft
  • Bent input shaft
  • Spun bearing bores in bell and gear housings
  • Worn out pinion bearing and bearing retainer
  • Cracked nose cone
  • Cracked engine through bolt provisions

    Our base labor rate is $1595 - plus parts - to properly overhaul your 930 transmission.  We can assist with shipping if necessary.