$ 350.00

It’s not uncommon for one or both bosses that capture the pivot shaft for clutch release fork to crack or break off rendering your clutch inoperable. We are one of the few companies that can professionally repair your bell housing for a fraction of what it costs to replace the housing or the entire transmission.  993 bell housings remain no longer available.

Our newest design uses hardware to reattach the new bosses rather than welding making future replacement much easier.  We must however weld in additional material for one bolt to allow for as much thread engagement as possible, which is visible from the outside.  See pics.

Utilizes current model factory pivot shaft and fork assembly.

Price is per boss as typically only one side breaks and you must ship us your bell housing.  You may send your complete gearbox but additional labor for disassembly and reassembly would apply. 

For all G50, G64, 993, 996T/997T, 996/997 GT2/GT3 transmissions.

G50, G50/00, G50/01, G50/50, G50/03, G50/04, G50/05, G50/52, G64/00, G64/01, G50/20, G50/21, G50/31, G50/32, G50/33, G64/51, G64/52, G96/50, G96/88, G96/90, G96/93, G96/96, G96/97, G95/50, G97/88, G97/96