$ 4,995.00

Fully rebuilt and detailed by CMS with new 4 point bearings, differential carrier bearings, synchronizer rings, gaskets, seals and hardware - minimum.  We use only Porsche Genuine parts and the highest quality OEM parts.  For the base price this gearbox comes rebuilt with stock gears and a non locking "open" differential.  As this gearbox is not yet built you may order with any option and customize for your specification application.  Build time is approximately 2-4 weeks.  This item would be shipped as freight over 150 lbs, please contact us for a shipping quote worldwide.  Price is outright no core exchange.

75-79 5 speed

915/40, 915/43, 915/44, 915/60, 915/61,

1st gear 11:35

2nd gear 18:33

3rd gear 23:29

4th gear 26:26

5th gear 28:23

Final Drive 8:31

This gearbox features a mag case with electric speedo provision, 8:31 ring and pinion and coarse spline 100mm axle flanges.